The Rock

The Rock Entertainment Complex (formerly known as the Rockingham Speedway) is North Carolina’s premiere outdoor entertainment property. Hosting events beyond racing, The Rock is flexible enough to offer paintball and training, festivals and concerts, and a camp site for multiple day events.

300 Acres

Expandable Up to 600 Acres


People Within a 100 Miles


Parking Spots




Multi-Day Camping Spots

Exempt from all noise ordinances any time

(Day or Night)

Since the new owners have come in, the Rock is roaring again with many events being held every month from MB Drift, to NASCAR driving schools, a monster truck rally, paintball tournaments. Can't wait to see the big CARS Tour Race!

Russell Parker

Anyone who doesn't love the rock is an awful person.

Justin Sharpe
Local Guide

Rock n roll at its finest. Best lineup of any festival out there.

Kyle Kegl

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